We are the Gilmores.

This is Colin, a Pilot Mechanic with a heart to serve the Lord and love people! And this is Shelby his wife, a mother to two young children, and a woman whose heart is to see other women feel loved and cherished!

Together, with our children Eloise and Ezra, we are moving to Nairobi, Kenya. We will be working with Africa Inland Mission. Colin will be flying with AIM AIR which is a Christian missionary aviation team operating six aircraft from three bases in east and central Africa.

Our team of pilots, mechanics, avionics techs, and administrators serve the needs of 50+ Christian organizations and hundreds of missionaries. The airplanes we fly are tools, moving missionaries, pastors, and cargo over some of the world’s most inhospitable terrain, to bring hope, and the Good News, to some of the world’s most forgotten peoples. Take a look around and get to know us better!

If you would like to learn more about Africa Inland Mission, please visit their site here. If you would like to learn more about the AIR division, please see their website here

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— the Gilmores


1.) What is pre-field orientation?

Pre-field orientation or PFO is the last and final training step our family must complete to leave for Kenya. 

PFO happens in Waxhaw, North Carolina at JAARS (AIM uses JAARS to train their pilots here in North America as AIM AIR is not a large enough organization to have training facilities for that)  

Here we will take part in four months of intensive training. Colin will receive training in maintaining the aircraft he will be flying overseas in Kenya and valuable flight training.  This flight training will teach him how to get the most performance out of the aircraft and well as flights into mountains and challenging unimproved landing strips. 

 Our family will also take part in bible studies, cultural learning, and different activities with other families preparing to head to the mission field. 

 The PFO ensure that all AIM AIR pilots arrive in Nairobi with their skills at the same level. Therefore saving on the amount of training that needs to take place in Nairobi.

 2.) Do you need financial support?

Yes! We are supported missionaries this means that we are responsible for raising the income our family lives on. We would love for you to come alongside our family in this way either as a monthly supporter or one time donor. Please click here to give. Or if you would like more information about what these costs cover and how far along we are with them please click here.

3.) How will your children be educated?

 We have chosen to homeschool our children while we are living overseas! This will be an exciting time of learning and adjusting for our entire family and we really believe that the Lord is asking us to keep our kids at home and pour into their hearts. 

4.) Timeline?

Click here to learn what we are up to right now. Change has recently occurred in our lives and we are on the Lord’s timeline!

 5.) How can I support you?

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